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When it comes to properly demolishing concrete and asphalt in Ontario, Quebec, and properties elsewhere, look to experienced professionals that have been doing it right for decades. At General Concrete Cutting and Coring Ltd, our top priorities are customer service and safety. Different jobs require different equipment to complete properly, so trust experts like us to select the best tools and methods.

Our concrete saws range from small handhelds to big walk-behind saws for larger projects. Our concrete and asphalt breaking services also provide easy and controlled concrete demolition for your home, business or commercial building and the sidewalk area surrounding it.

Saw Power and Blade Type

Depending on the power supply available at the worksite, our saw may be powered by gasoline, hydraulic pressure, or electric motors. Diamond saw blades are common for worksites where concrete or asphalt is being cut. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to find the right blade for your project, depending on the kind of concrete or asphalt you need cut.

If you need your concrete or asphalt in Ontario and Quebec safely and professionally demolished, contact us today.

Concrete Cutting & Drilling

Committed to Safety 

Our company is dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our workers and clients.

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